Gift Shopping the GoRhino Way

It’s the season for giving and as much as we all believe it’s the thought that counts, the perfect gift counts just that little bit more. We know that you’ll be buying gifts for your loved ones this year, so here are some tips that will make your task easier and keep you from breaking the bank.

Budget, budget, budget!

If you’re shopping on credit, make sure to set a limit for the month to avoid any surprise minus signs popping up on your statement. Its best to have a general idea of what you would like to spend on each person you’ll be buying a gift for and then look at the total amount you will be spending to put things in perspective. It’s very difficult to maintain a Christmas budget when you’re shopping on the fly. Planning is essential and will save you lots of cash.

Stick to the list

With all the holiday sales and promotions happening at the mall during this season it’s really easy to get distracted and think you’re saving when you’re actually not. Truthfully you end up buying unnecessary items that you normally never would just because they’re on sale. A shopping list will be your ultimate guide to survival. Stick to it religiously to avoid huge, unnecessary spending. A good Christmas shopping list should ideally have three columns: Name of person, Gift suggestion, Budget. If you do come across an item that seems perfect but isn’t on the list, you can only add it on if you remove something else of a close enough value.

Bargains are best

Don’t feel guilty for saving a ton of money on a gift. Most of the time, we allocate a budget to a specific person’s gift and if we can get the same gift at half price, we feel obligated to spend the remainder of the budget on an additional gift for that person. The downside is that even though you’re not spending more than you planned, you’re not considering that another gift might end up costing you more than you expected. You also have to allocate further shopping time to get another gift. Shop around for the best price and stick to only buying what you planned on, regardless of the cost.

The early bird catches a break

When you forget a loved one’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, we can understand your last minute rush to grab anything you can in time to avoid an awkward dinner. But retailers and TV networks give us ample reminder, sometimes months in advance of the coming Christmas season. And honestly, who forgets Christmas anyway? If you’re trying to find the perfect gift on December 24th, you’re in for certain disappointment. Not only is all the good stuff sold out, the prices of items sky rocket in the last week leading up to Christmas. Get your shopping done early, in November if you have to. You’ll never regret buying a gift too early. Even if something better or cheaper comes on the market, your chances of getting it at the last minute are slim.


We know you love to look and feel before you buy but online shopping is so advanced today, that you can almost guarantee the quality of your purchase, provided you buy from a reputable online store. Almost every retailer has an online shop where you can view items from every angle and select them at your leisure. It beats getting elbowed in the gut at till points or smacked in the face by hangers at the sale rack. You’re also more likely to get goods in better condition than the ones you pick up at the store which have been toppled over and shoved around by other crazy sale shoppers. If you’re buying clothes, you can be sure you’re purchase wont have fitting room stains or lipstick on it.

These are just a few Christmas shopping tips to make your season merrier. Check out our partners online. A GoRhino Loyalty Card is the perfect Christmas gift that keeps on giving all year round.

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