Sheri Hassan

Sheri Hassan is one of the initial founding members of GoRhino. Sheri Hassan is a passionate entrepreneur who started her career with the GoRhino Group of companies in 2011 and her career has been accelerated through service and delivery excellence. Sheri Hassan , similar to most of the management executive team, started at the bottom and through hard work and directed aspiration achieved many of her career goals. Sheri Hassan is a member of the board on a number of GoRhino sister companies and makes a very valuable contribution to the Group.

At GoRhino, Sheri Hassan specializes in delivering customer centric strategies and solutions to corporate clients. She uses powerful strategy research and analytics to help her clients understand their customers better and implement customer centric solutions that drive value to both customers and the corporate. All her campaigns are configured from the ground up, offering higher perceived value products, at lower costs. As part of her services, she gets involved in the design, optimisation and tracking of loyalty programmes and customer behaviour.

Sheri Hassan has worked on loyalty programmes for large national banks, online stores, insurers, retailers, security firms, FMCG, pharmaceuticals to name a few, if you need help with creating new platforms or enhancing existing loyalty platforms, you can contact Sheri Hassan .

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