10 Tips on SAVING money this Christmas

10 Tips on SAVING money this Christmas


With the rise in food prices and the bare necessities, it’s not surprising at all when everyone remains quiet when it comes to electing where Christmas lunch will be happening and as we know eating out in South Africa is quite expensive, so when the host is decided on, generally you because you have the biggest space and because the hubby volunteered without consulting (memo to self: have a chat with him about making decisions together – emphasis on ‘TOGETHER’). We can understand how this could create the pressure of being the best host you can be and splurging because you don’t want your in-laws telling the family your potato salad was too soggy. We can also understand how you would want to over spend during this already peak time (where prices are elevated). We want to equip you with some tips on how to be a great host whilst still saving – we don’t think you would want to be sitting with a dented credit card at the beginning of 2015.

1. Select the items that are worthy of a splurge

Select the grocery item that you want to splurge on – maybe your main dish – so if you are making turkey or roast – go a little out of your way on the quality. Everything else can be put on the market list, so budget shop the supporting ingredients.

2. Be a smart shopper

Look out for sales or market days to shop; your general stores are very popular in having mark downs with vegetables, refreshments and other condiments. Search online for the best deals at the big chain stores (some of them even offer free delivery with purchases made over a certain amount – this could save you time and travel costs).

3. Only buy what you absolutely need

It’s so easy to add to the list of things to buy when entertaining, but be strict and use your key goal – saving – as the motivation when shopping. Don’t be distracted by buying in bulk for items that you won’t be using a lot of, if you don’t need it don’t buy it!

4. Check your cupboards for what items you have before shopping

It’s important to check what you have already before adding it to your shopping list. Also pay attention to what you have in your house already that can be used with your Christmas table décor. Search for ‘how to’ videos on DIY Christmas décor for your home and you will be surprised at how your table can look classy on a budget. Old foil rolls can be cut in smaller rings and decorated to serve as napkin holders and you could get the kids involved by asking them to get creative with name cards for place settings.

5. Forage through your garden (or your neighbours) or through your creative side

Flowers are pricey and they are not everlasting. Look through your garden for twigs and some ferns and use some oasis to hold your creations together. You can get oasis from the local florist at a fraction of a bouquet. Get creative, use ribbons, spray paint and a-cons to decorate your arrangements (again you can get the kids involved – everything doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s Christmas time and we are sure that your guests would be impressed by the originality and sanctity that comes with including your family in the festivities).

6. Don’t be bound by the recipe

Don’t be dead stuck in following the exact measurements in recipes when it comes to things that you have made before, for example if your stuffing recipe or potato salad asks for sage, rosemary and thyme but you only have rosemary and thyme then make it happen without sage, we promise only Jamie Oliver would notice (or not because he would be so engrossed in the amount of love you put into making it).

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Delegate to your guests on items that they could bring, refreshments, desserts and salads are great delegation items that allow your guests to feel like they have contributed to the Christmas lunch. It is generally so that your guests will offer to bring something and when they do, take advantage of their offer and say yes sure, you can bring …

8. For those serving alcohol – buy in bulk

This is an item that you can go ahead and buy in bulk. It will save you a considerable amount and you can use the left over during New Year’s.

9. Visit thrift shops and factory outlets

If you are hosting a considerable amount of visitors and don’t have a long enough table and table cloth, then get thrifty. Visit a factory store and get large pieces of fabric that could serve as tablecloths as opposed to spending a bundle on a store bought tablecloth. With your table, build onto your dining table with pallets and crates, no one is going to look under the tablecloth, they probably going to be focused on the food and the light hearted conversations.

10. Use throwaway serving dishes

If you don’t have enough serving dishes then get some cost effective disposable serving foil pans. These will serve their purpose and the best part is less washing up afterwards.

We hope that these tips serve you well and let us know of any other tips you know of on how to save during Christmas time. If you liked these tips please leave us a review below or share with friends and family on your favourite social media channel below 🙂

Much love and Pre-Christmas regards,

The GoRhino Team

Thank you to FoodandWine.com for the information.

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