5 Benefits of Using a Loyalty App

There’s no denying it – we’ve got apps for almost everything these days. Loyalty apps are the next frontier, with vendors of all shapes and sizes now rewarding customers for their patronage. By using some of these loyalty apps, like GoRhino Rewards, you can contribute to wildlife conservation and other socially significant causes! Let’s take a look at the five biggest benefits of using a loyalty app:

1. Get Rewards You Actually Want

Getting a discount on toothpaste is great, but it isn’t very exciting is it? The best loyalty apps will offer tangible rewards and benefits, like 25% off your next restaurant bill or buy-1-get-1-free deals. What’s more, loyalty apps usually allow you to spend your earned points as currency at partner vendors.

2. Use Benefits at Multiple Vendors

Brand-specific loyalty apps might only offer promotions when shopping at their brick-and-mortar stores, but most third-party loyalty apps have a wide range of partner organisations where you can exchange your earned loyalty points. For example, our GoRhino partners include some of the biggest brands from, among others, the food and hospitality industry.

3. Gain Access to Support Immediately

This has to be one of the most important benefits of using a loyalty app. Gone are the days where you’d have to find a contact number on your loyalty card and wait in telephonic queues to get answers to your questions and concerns. Nowadays, loyalty apps allow you to connect with a support team directly from your app!

4. Track Your Rewards Points

Again, nobody wants to actually make a telephone to find out how many loyalty points they have. Worse still would be having to go into a store, waiting in a queue, just to hand your card over and request information about the loyalty points you’ve accumulated. With a loyalty app, you can access and track your reward points as and when you earn them. Oh how convenient, right?

5. Contribute to Social Initiatives

The final benefit of using loyalty apps is that – in some cases – your earning points and rewards actually contributes to meaningful social initiatives! For example, the Dischem app gives you the option to donate your earned loyalty points to the Dischem Foundation. For every person that starts enjoying lifestyle benefits through the GoRhino app, we contribute to Project Rhino.

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