5 of the Best Money Saving Travelling Tips

5 of the Best Money Saving Travelling Tips

Getting into gear for the holidays is most definitely exciting but it is also stressful with the travelling expenses and the elevated price hikes that feature during the holiday peak time. We always encourage saving as our number one prerogative and therefore we have some savvy tips on saving money during your travelling this festive season.

  1. Book early. When choosing your holiday destinations always plan ahead of time, this way you are able to take advantage of the regular rates and you are able to reserve a space for the family. You will find the later you leave it the more expensive it becomes. Also make sure that you have your savings secured for the holiday, no one wants to go on holiday and then find that they have no spending money because all their savings were spent on securing the holiday. Budget for the entire holiday (food, sightseeing, travel costs, emergency petty cash, etc.) before making your booking.
  2. Take advantage of the online world of savings. Use the internet to search for discounted travel packages and book online. This way you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to search for deals and you can start early, set up a Google alert with the specifications of what you are looking for and you will be alerted daily or weekly (whichever you choose) on deals on the world wide web that most closely relate to your needs. This is a great time saver that presents you with a range of options.
  3. Travel when everyone else is working. One of the best tips would be to travel during off peak times. This way you don’t over spend with the holiday spiked rates and you don’t have to compete with the crowds of tourists at your desired location. We know it’s a bit late for this tip but keep it in mind for next year.
  4. Enquire about flight packages. Nowadays airlines are fond of putting together holiday packages that include the hotel, the flights and a car rental service. These deals are generally limited so phone around and look online as these run out pretty fast.
  5. Budget friendly. Make sure to allocate a budget for each aspect of the holiday. Planning activities while you are on holiday is expected, check with the hotel/resort or the information centre in the area as to what the best activities are and ask for the rates in advance so you can allocate money to each activity. Remember, the kids are on overdrive during holidays so keep a budget for “miscellaneous” activities to cater for the unexpected route.

We hope these tips can save you some ‘rands’ this holiday season and from all of us at GoRhino, happy festivities!

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