5 Budget friendly Halloween Costume Tips

5 Budget friendly Halloween Costume Tips

When you have been summoned by a friend or a colleague to attend a Halloween party and don’t have a costume…not a good feeling…Especially so if the reason you don’t have a costume involves the lack of moola. Don’t fear this Halloween, we have got some easy peasy tips that could get you spooked or even get you to be the talk of the party!


Tip #1: Get searching – nowadays you can get anything online (search for ideas on Google or Pinterest)!

If you have an idea of what you want to wear or even if you don’t, go online and start searching for costume ideas. The key is to keep it simple yet unique. So for instance if you are going to dress up as ‘Cat Women’ – make it all about the makeup and the cat ear muffs…and match up black leggings (that most woman have already and are not costly) with a long sleeved black top and pull the look together with a buckled belt (it doesn’t have to be black and it will seal the outfit to look like a cat suit)!

Tip #2: Visit online thrift stores or second hand online stores (OLX and Gumtree, etc.)

Look over online stores to find second hand costume accessories – most of the time sellers are just trying to make a quick buck or two so it’s your chance to negotiate on the price or even buy parts of an outfit to use in your DIY masterpiece. Remember accessories can literally transform something plain and regular into something eye-catching and unique.

Tip #3: Make a swap

Use Facebook or Twitter to cyber stalk your friends and what they have dressed up as previously. This way you can make a swap with them and you don’t have to pay anything. This is also a good way of searching for ideas.

Tip #4: Make it part of your closet

The best part of looking at things online is that you can DIY your costume with your everyday wear!

If you find that you can’t find anything with what you have in your wardrobe then get something from your favourite clothing factory or retail store that you could accessorize or visit the flea market or second hand store for something that is plain so you can transform it into what you want. So basically, you could literally add to your wardrobe, which is definitely well worth it in the long run – if you wear it!).

Tip #5: Go as someone regular – or as something regular

Make your outfit centre on a household item or better yet, be your boss or a colleague. This way you don’t have to spend at all or at most you will end up spending minimally. For instance, if you decide to go as your ‘Instagram Selfie’ then all you will need is cardboard and some colour printing or if you old school, you can wing it by drawing it all out – the logo and your update. If you decide to go as your boss or as a colleague, be wary of stepping on any toes – remember Halloween can get scary and watch out for pranks at the nearest corner!

All in all, whatever you decide to do, make sure to make it your own because ultimately Halloween has transcended into a celebration that embraces one’s individuality and although that has nothing to do with the origin, it helps people feel confident.

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