5 things you must do to achieve a happier life…

5 things you must do to achieve a happier life…

We have to come to learn that in life there are no apparent certainties and with that being said we want to encourage our fellow South Africans to leave a legacy for their families and live a life that will be admired rather than a life that will be mellowed with sadness and regrets.

There are those that believe that as we get older we lose our aim in attaining and living a happy life. Each year we get older and each year we complain about getting older and not being any closer to where we dreamed of being. There is a social pressure when getting older and not living within the norm of what is associated to be right according to others and well that aunty of yours that visits every fortnight. However, the only thing that should matter is your happiness and attaining your goals that go beyond social norms. Reassessing one’s life goals is always a great action no matter your age so we suggest the application of 5 things that can be implemented to make you a happier person. Now remember that these are just some suggestions, you are more than welcome to take these and reinvent them to suit your lifestyle, there are no limitations, just recommendations.

  1. Participate in some sort of charity drive. Choose something that you feel strongly about and donate your time to it. Sometimes committing to something simple yet infectious can change your outlook on life and could potentially change someone else’s life.
  2. Travel! Now we know the first thing that probably popped into your head when we mentioned ‘travel’ were the expenses involved. But we encourage forward thinking when it comes to any situation and in this situation we suggest thinking broadly. For example, look at implementing your work with travel (work on a cruise ship or for an airline, apply for an exchange programme), remember that travelling doesn’t always equate to going overseas or abroad, the best way to be happy is to travel within your country before crossing that border. It’s more meaningful to see what your home has in store for you.
  3. Learn something that will benefit you in the most profound way. Allocate a personal quality that you want to improve on and build on it with an associative skill. For instance, pottery teaches you about technique and brings about creativity; while gardening helps you learn about the environment and strengthens your ability to be patient.
  4. Spend on yourself. Take the time to spoil yourself with an item that you wouldn’t normally spend on, an item that holds value but is expensive. Show appreciation for yourself, you work hard and by treating yourself you acknowledge your worth and this leads to a self fulfilment like no other.
  5. Love everything. Sometimes we lose sight of the important things in life and one of the main things is not appreciating what we have. Once you start looking at things in a different way then you will learn to love what you have and you will appreciate the beauty behind it. It could be something as simple as your morning coffee, or your clothes, or more importantly the deep breath that you take when you yawn.

We hope that you will take these small must dos and taper it to your lifestyle. Each day is precious so make sure to make it happy and it will all be worth it one day. From all of us at GoRhino, keep it happy.

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