5 Things Women Do NOT Want for Christmas

1. Gym equipment

No matter how many times she has said she wants a treadmill or dumbbell set for home, she does NOT want it as a Christmas gift! For most of us, it’s the season for eating junk and being ridiculously unhealthy and nobody wants a reminder of how badly they’ve trashed their fitness routine as a gift.

2. Home appliances

Honestly, after spending hours slaving over Christmas dinner in the kitchen, the last thing she wants to see is another cooking appliance and regardless of how amazing the TV ad made that handy vac look and how you intended for it to make her life easier, it will NOT be well received.

3. Clothes

Seriously, your taste is most probably NOT hers and also women use different sizes for different styles of clothes. You probably don’t know her size or style and no, just because it looked great on the manikin, doesn’t mean it will look great on her. If it needs to be returned to the store you’re just creating extra work for her.

4. Nothing

Even if she’s been insisting since October that she doesn’t want anything for Christmas and you both agreed not to do gifts this year, it is NOT OK to give her nothing at all! The least you can do is plan an outing or dinner to make the day special, but lying around the house blabbering about how commercialized the holidays have become these days is a big no no.

5. Anything that requires assembly

We know you think she has a creative side and that means she would love to spend the next 7 months building a model ship but Christmas isn’t the time to test this theory. Stay away from any gadgets, toys or instruments that require extra effort before you can actually enjoy them. Unless it’s a certain known fact that this is her hobby, do NOT take a chance.

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