5 Tips that guarantee the perfect gift this Christmas

5 Tips that guarantee the perfect gift this Christmas

When buying or making a gift for someone special there is always the underlying thought as to whether that special someone will like the gift. This could possibly rank as the main reason that many people daunt gift shopping. So you either end up buying a gift that you didn’t really plan or you get something that you assume is the perfect gift. We love the act of giving and sharing in the happiness so we decided to present you with some tips on how to choose the perfect gift.

P.S. To all our GoRhino colleagues, you are welcome to apply these tips when buying your Secret Santa gifts.

1. The wrapping matters. The first thing that your special someone gets to see is the wrapping, make it special and get creative. Making it personal leaves a lasting impression and certainly accounts for the good kind of excitement. One of the best things about giving a gift is the joy of seeing that gift being unwrapped.

2. Bring out the detective in you. The main ingredient in finding the perfect gift for someone is observation. Start compiling a list of things that you notice is important to the person you are buying a gift for, write down any and all things that might reveal insight into what their likes and dislikes are, this will open up the floor to your brainstorming gift session.

3. Look to the past. Identify a personal event or a special moment in the person’s life, maybe they recently had a baby or completed their examinations or won a big tournament. Take these factors into consideration when choosing their gift, perhaps a book on parenting signed by a popular author or a framed certificate on completing a chapter of their studies. Remember the perfect gift doesn’t need to be expensive; it should hold meaning and should create a feeling of being special for the person you are gifting.

4. Make it simple but classic. Put a little bit of yourself in the gift, whether it’s in the form of humour or in the form of a like/dislike – an inside joke where you’ve nicknamed your friend Zama so you buy her Zama scratch cards. Even better, take advantage of coupons or vouchers, for example if the person you are buying a gift for loves movies, then get them a Buy One Get One FREE Movie Coupon (We have them in stock – just saying), this would be more economical and it would tie in with their hobbies. We guarantee that this will mean more than a store bought gift.

5. Pay it forward. Giving a gift and sharing shouldn’t be limited to special occasions, if you feel like you want to surprise someone then you should do it. There’s nothing better than making someone smile without wanting anything in return. Make someone smile by paying it forward with a kind act, the feeling is amazing.

Try these tips out and let us know how they work out for you and if you have any personal tips that you follow, please feel free to share with us so we can be better gift givers.

Happy gift shopping from all of us at GoRhino!

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