How Can We Help Save the Rhino?

Let’s face it, rhino poaching has been a household phrase in South Africa for a while. Everyone wants to help save our critically endangered rhino populations, but few of us really know how we can make a difference. There are three easy ways all South Africans can contribute to the fight against rhino poaching – and you can do so from the comfort of your office chair! So, how can we help save the rhino? You’re about to find out…

1. Avoid Buying Rhino Products

Looking to buy rhino products for your home, office or as gifts for far-flung friends and family? Regardless of whether they are sourced responsibly or not, there’s a chance that your rhino product – before processing – may have been obtained via illegal channels. It’s hard to find this out, because the retailer might be legitimate and tell you that everything is above board, but the same might not be true regarding the supplier.

2. Show Your Support on Social Media

Another great way to show your support for endangered rhinos is to make your voice heard on social media. There are many rhino conservation groups on Facebook, who regularly provide updates on the state of rhino poaching in South Africa. This is also a great way to educate yourself and those around you about what’s really happening, and the strides we’re making to bolster the protection of our precious rhino populations.

3. Join Conservation Initiatives

Some might say that likes and comments on Facebook won’t help rhino conservation, and that’s OK. Social consciousness around an issue is just as important as financial backing, but there are ways regular citizens can contribute money should they wish. One can either donate directly to rhino conservation trusts, or make use of third-party services that donate to conservation on your behalf. For example, we at GoRhino contribute to rhino protection every time someone joins our membership programme and downloads our loyalty app!

4. Support Rhino Rehab Game Reserves

A final way to show your support for rhino conservation efforts is to flex your buying power when choosing accommodation for your next family holiday. If you’re planning a safari getaway, consider booking at game reserves that have meaningful rhino protection and upliftment initiatives in place. These include actual rhino rehabilitation centres, and private game reserves that place major emphasis on rhino conservation.

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