Christmas Tips & Tricks

Do you hear what I hear? Yes, the sound of rustling wrapping paper, carols being belted out in the car, recipes being shared & lots of laughter and cheer!

As Christmas is fast approaching, everyone is getting into the festive mode. People are shopping for gifts, clothing, décor for their homes and offices alike. Cities, businesses, malls and even the work place is buzzing with festive cheer.

There are so many things to do and consider during this time of the year. Prepping for your big family Christmas lunch or dinner. Whether you are staying in and preparing this meal or going out to have it, a booking and reservation still needs to be made.

So first things first… decide where and what you are doing for Christmas so you have an idea and you can then plan your logistics.

1). If you are dining out, make sure you know how many people you will be dining out with, if the restaurant can accommodate you, make sure all your guests are available especially if people are traveling to you for Christmas from out of town. To personalize your Christmas Lunch/Dinner, take along some festive themed serviettes or cute little placement cards that you can buy or make, depending on how creative you want to be. You can even place a Christmas cracker on each plate setting as well.

2). If you doing lunch/dinner at home, again numbers are important, you wouldn’t want to run out of rolls, your main meal or even your drink of choice for the day on the day. So again, find out how many people you will be hosting, figure out your menu that will cater to everyone and then make sure your shopping for this meal is done in advance so as not to be rushed and stressed out on the day. Hosting at home you can be creative with your table layouts. You can place decorated pinecones as a centre piece.

3). If you have kids, they can get involved and decorate the pinecones for you. Adding a Christmas cracker to each plate setting is also fun and festive. Candles for dinner makes for great ambience. You can even have a Christmas theme like “Winter Wonderland Christmas”, “Santa’s Workshop Christmas”, “Candyland/Chocolate Factory Christmas”, that’s just to name a few. Just make sure if you are having lunch/dinner at home, you give yourself enough time to prep, cook, layout and get ready yourself.

You don’t want to be entertaining when you are tired, so through your prepping and cooking process, be sure to stay hydrated and give yourself enough time so you are not rushed and frazzled.

A happy meal makes for happy people which in turn makes for a great holiday and beautiful memories.

Onto gifting… some tips and tricks about Christmas presents.

  • Definitely start early!!
  • Make a list, jot down who you are shopping for and what you will be getting them so as not to get frazzled when you do your shopping.
  • Have a budget, this is vital.
  • Do some research, online price comparisons or even flipping through catalogues and brochures that come in the mail.
  • Sign up for newsletters from your favourite stores to get a heads up on specials and deals.
  • Really think about the person you are buying a gift for, so you end up with something they like rather than something you like.
  • Gifts cards are a go to “safe gift”. This way you are giving someone the opportunity to pick something for themselves.

Fundamentally is it the thought that counts and you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to buy gifts. There may be one or two gifts you waited for to splurge on and that’s ok. From November stores usually have specials on a variety of items. Happy Shopping!

Hope these tips and tricks assist you in preparing for an awesome Christmas!!

Here’s wishing you a very Merry Festive period to you and your loved ones!!


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