Dining Out in 2018

Dining out is no longer limited to special occasions. In the fast paced busy lives we lead, dining out is far more convenient now. To be honest in some households it’s a necessity as there no longer is a “home maker” at home, everyone is working.

The variety of what is now available to us really does make us feel like we are spoilt for choice.

Whether you have a particular cuisine type you enjoy and let me assure you almost every type of cuisine is available in the restaurant industry. Whether it’s your more common choice preference like Italian, French, Portuguese or all things Asian (Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese etc.) to your more unique choices like Turkish, Polish or even Scottish cuisines, all these options are available to you.

Dining out now allows you to be so specific to the point of being able to choose an attribute and ambiance that suits your request to the tee. So whether you enjoy Live Music or a very quiet environment, to being able to sit indoors or outdoors, all these options are available to you to add to your dining out experience.


With the advancement of technology, being able to dine out is at the tip of your fingers. There are Apps and sites you can now visit in order to decide in advance where and when you want to dine out, without even making a call you can make reservations and some establishments even allow you to preselect your menus.

Like I previously mentioned dining out is no longer limited to special occasions. So even if you are not looking to have a full on fine dining experience and you just want to enjoy a meal without the hassle of slogging In your kitchen, the options are endless. Burger joints, Coffee Bars, Desert Bars, Pizza and Pasta Restaurants, are all accessible for you to either dine out at or even do takeaway should you want to indulge in the comfort of your own home.

Dining out at new establishments in itself is an experience if you are a foodie like myself. I enjoy trying out new restaurants and bars just to get a feel of what’s new, what’s tasty and trending As odd as it may seem, food trends are a thing, who would have thought. So much like fashion, business and technology, food also has trends and this past year we have seen a rise in inventive deserts, sweet and savoury dishes being swapped, signature cocktails, and insta worthy dishes, it’s all about the gram as well as a spike in flowers for flavour accents.

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