DIY your Christmas gift this year…2014

DIY your Christmas gift this year…2014

We just love this wonderful Christmas idea. If we had to look back and remember the gifts that were given to us, it has always been the handmade, personalised ones that stand out. It just breathes sentimentality and allows us to know our worth in the lives of friends, family and even colleagues. So we thought, why not be budget friendly to your savings account this year and start looking into doing it yourself this Christmas? We all love ideas where we can score points with our loved ones on originality and save!

This gift idea could also be used as a party favour, it is a nice concept to use for a friend who is having a bad day or just to cheer someone up. The best part is that you can use the principles and transform it into something else, for instance you could swap the cocoa mix for coffee and substitute all things coffee. So make it your own!

Happy gifting!

Read more about the first on our list of DIY gift ideas for this Christmas 2014 at Thanks to Hey Gorgeous Events for the lovely idea!

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