Shopping and loadshedding: the not so trendy match

Shopping and loadshedding: the not so trendy match

Due to the uncertainty of our power supply, it is somewhat safe to say that many of us have all been a victim of loadshedding whilst shopping. Although we just love shopping, nothing seems worse than being interrupted by a power cut whilst you were on your ‘sale’ power trip.

Since we like to be organised and prepared for just about anything. We wanted to equip you with some handy, “en-lightening” tips that can be implemented into your shopping lifestyle. We will categorise these tips into the following: Communicate much, car timeout, cash not card and everything else.

Communicate much

  • Make sure your cell phone battery life is sufficient so that you can make emergency calls or be available during a loadshedding session.
  • Make sure that when you are shopping alone, someone (family or friends) know where you are (it sounds stalker-like and overly informative but it’s important).

Car timeout

  • It’s safe to ensure that your vehicle always has enough fuel, although many fuel stations have the facilities to assist patrons during loadshedding, it may not be the safest and sometimes they may be unable to help (then what?).
  • When leaving your shopping location, make sure to walk with a group or request for security to accompany you, it may be dark and this is a peak time for attempts at crime.
  • Keep a cooler bag (with ice bricks) in your car so that if you have any cold items you can store them without any spoilage occurring.
  • Invest in a car emergency kit (puncture kit, water, engine oil, etc.) in case your car or you are feeling sick.

Cash not card

  • Many stores do not accept credit or debit cards and/or vouchers during loadshedding. Try to keep a set amount of cash with you so that in case of an emergency you are prepared.
  • Make sure to keep your cards safe and secure during loadshedding because sometimes they grow legs and walk away.

Everything else

  • Prioritise your shopping list; get the most important items out of the way so that you are not stuck in a dark situation.
  • Check out the loadshedding schedule prior to embarking on your shopping spree so you are somewhat aware of the timings. If you are not certain with the schedule then call ahead to find out from the shop/mall if they are expecting any loadshedding.
  • Keep a first aid kit in your bag – this is a must when you have a family but it’s a good asset even if you don’t.
  • Carry a mini torch (you can get these at a thrift shop) in your bag so that if you are stuck for light, LED’s to the rescue.
  • Keep some snacks that are non perishable in your bag (in case the kids get hungry or if you have any low blood pressure patients or diabetics with you).
  • Make sure to keep the family close or have a meeting spot in case of an emergency, crowd control is sometimes not facilitated properly and can cause mayhem, be prepared.
  • One of the most overlooked things when visiting any building is paying attention to the emergency exits, pay attention!
  • If you have made purchases then make sure to keep your belongings close, when the lights go down, the criminals come to prowl.

We have come to learn that loadshedding is a necessary and regular practice that will govern our lifestyles for a while (in other words an undetermined period of time). This is the number one reason why we think that dealing with it and coping with the effects is the responsible way of living.

We hope you can integrate these “enlightening” tips into your lifestyle. Do you have any of your own tips that you would like to share? Feel free to share them with us and our GoRhino family so we can be prepared for when the lights go out.

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