Step aside Adele…here comes Alice Phoebe Lou

Step aside Adele…here comes Alice Phoebe Lou

We really experienced goose bumps when hearing her voice. She not only possesses a wonderful and inspiring voice but also an amazing vision about what she wants to do with her music. Very rarely do we find people who want to stick to the cause of being positive and spreading a message that reflects change such an entertaining medium. We feel so proud that she is making her mark on an international scope while still staying true to her values and morals…

Smiling, patience and saying “thank you” are sometimes taken for granted so be the change, she wants us to apply these actions in our life as she feels it will make a difference in our lives in our world. Watch her song entitled ‘Berlin Blues’ which reiterates her vision of a better world.

Big #HoofsUp to you Alice! You are certainly making a difference.


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