5 Tips on staying healthy this New Year

5 Tips on staying healthy this New Year

 With the festive season comes unwanted calories and that voice inside your head that always manages to convince you that you can squeeze in a little more at your office party, family braai and your friend’s Christmas lunch, even that enticement to buy food when you stop at the service station (regardless of the fact that you are not hungry) becomes a dangerous factor. Now in order to stay on track this festive season and not feel like the first three points on your New Year Resolution list should be marked “Lost Weight” – you should follow some of our tips. These tips are designed around the concept of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not purge eating or yoyo dieting.

  1. Stay hydrated – we cannot emphasise the importance of drinking water throughout the holidays. Besides the fact that it is our summer holidays so the air is dryer and our body thrives on water, it is important to stay hydrated as your body is made up of approximately 60% of water.
  2. Stack up on your veggies – Make sure to fill your plate up with veggies – maintaining a good balance of your nutrients and vitamins helps your body and your metabolism. When desserts come, don’t start running, all you have to do is pile up with the fruit and you can indulge in something sweet, just don’t overdo it.
  3. Move your body – any form of movement is better than none at all. Try to balance out your day so that you reaching a target when it comes to the amount of steps you are taking or any particular form of exercise.
  4. Limit your big meals – Holiday time does revolve around eating and drinking so try to stick to one big meal a day so that you are not overeating.
  5. Limit your alcohol intake – If you will be consuming alcohol during the holidays, keep it to a minimum, this not only dehydrates your body but it’s also not good for your skin and your overall health.

P.S. Practice safe driving during the holidays as well, don’t drink and drive!

We encourage a healthy lifestyle and more than that we relate as South Africans when it comes to the importance of food (we love it). Make sure to follow these tips during the holidays and you can welcome a healthier you into the New Year and beyond!

From all of us at GoRhino, have a wonderfully light and bright New Year!

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