6 Cost Effective & romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

6 Cost Effective and Romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

We have to admit that when it comes to Valentine’s Day we fall under the category entitled “Dubiously in love with love”. There’s not much to linger on about except to acknowledge that when someone says the word L-O-V-E to us we go all goo-goo-ga-ga… Pinning down a root cause of our feelings about feelings would be a difficult task as everyone remembers moments of love and all its amazing effects in different ways at different times. Before we get stuck on love and all its benefits, let us share some lovely cost effective Valentine’s Day ideas with you.

In the spirit of love and keeping your bank balance positive (especially since many of you are still recovering from the holidays), we want to share 6 Cost Effective (and romantic) things to do this Valentine’s Day that will definitely make your partner feel spoilt and special. Giving love doesn’t have to equate to overspending and being lavish. Ever heard of that saying: “it’s the little things that count”…well let’s test it out this V-Day.

  1. Pack a picnic basket filled with all your partner’s favourites (sparkling wine/water/juice, summer fruits, sandwiches or quiche –and more, we’ll leave the choices to you) and a blanket and some pillows and take your valentine out to a park (there are so many nature reserves that are oozing with a naturally romantic ambience. Plus this works out with a small budget (there are some services that prepare everything for you – all you have to do is pitch up – research “Dial-a-picnic”.dial-a-picnic
  2. Build a fort in your lounge and treat your valentine to an indoor dining experience. This is the cutest gesture because you get to be in the comfort of your own home – spice things up with a love game – maybe a Q&A or love challenge (Pinterest is a good source to find examples). This works out great because you don’t have to over spend on the ingredients for dinner and you can take the leftovers for lunch; plus you can make the game by yourself so no added cost there.
  3. Set up a projector (if you don’t have one then you can borrow one or use a laptop or tablet) in your back yard and play your Valentine their favourite movie – you could even serve dinner in your garden and then a movie afterwards (check out Pinterest for cutesy decorating ideas that can be done with repurposed things around your home).
  4. Lead your partner into a treasure hunt; this is super special because you get them to relive the best moments of your relationship. Leave clues or little anecdotal notes and small gifts (which are optional but if you want to you can visit thrift stores for reasonably priced gifts) at different locations that lead your partner to an ultimate spot (you have no limitation when doing this in terms of location but we would suggest a special location that holds some sentimentality – perhaps the first place you met or where you had your first argument – good relationships are based on those).
  5. Write your valentine a love story – this is by far a priceless gift. The book doesn’t have to be super long, fill it with mementos and pictures and small inside jokes that you have with your valentine. You could either use an inexpensive album or you could use a notebook and decorate it with repurposed paper (don’t spend on wrapping paper – the more rustic it looks the more special it is).v-day-blog3_jan21
  6. Take your valentine out for a treat – if your valentine likes dining out then make a reservation at a restaurant that you’ll haven’t visited yet (maybe a boat restaurant/ floating restaurant) or better yet choose their favourite restaurant and make arrangements with the waiter/waitress to decorate the table differently and choose a select menu (this could work if you plan ahead). Don’t forget to use your GoRhino Loyalty card and receive your discount (make sure your favourite restaurant is on our list and you all set to go, if not then give us a call so we can try our best to help you out).

These are just some cost effective ideas that could make this V-day extra amazing for you and your loved one. Remember that planning ahead is always recommended.

Write us a comment below and let us know if you are going to try any of our ideas out this V-Day.

P.S We love you…and we love ‘saving’…and our rhinos…<3

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