What type of Valentine is your guy?

What type of Valentine is your guy?

There is an instinctive need of many to go a bit extreme when it comes to spoiling that special someone on Valentine’s Day and although many do not know the historical symbolism of the day, it doesn’t stop them from getting high on chocolates and flowers and all things love. However, we have to mention (without being cynical) that there are those extremists who dislike this international beckoning of love and feel that the declaration of love should not be narrowed down to an annual occurrence but rather an all the time thing. Yes, we are possibly leaving out that group of individuals that are indifferent to the day altogether and for that we apologise. In celebration of this heart clinking day (clink-clink) we thought we would stir up the love potions and reveal what type of Valentine your man is…this year!

Answer the questions below and find out what type of Valentine your man is.

  1. The spoiler – does he plan little surprises for you throughout the day and makes you feel like a princess?
  2. The cynic – does he boycott V-Day and insist that it is commercialised and an unnecessary waste of money.
  3. The receiver – does he wait for you to spoil him and doesn’t wish you until you wish him first?
  4. The all timer – the guy that believes that he doesn’t have to wait for V-Day to make you feel special and loved; he romances you all the time…

Tell us what type of ‘Valentine’ your guy is below followed by your name and number and stand a chance to win something special 🙂 this Valentine’s Day.

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