How to create your own Magical Garden

How to create your own Magical Garden

We love the idea of creating magical fairy gardens, not only do they have an aesthetic value but they also help develop a vibrant imagination for children in their formative years. We wanted you to have some ideas on how to make your own magical garden so here is a way to create your own magical garden the cost effective way. Even better you can make it a family activity.

Happy gardening 🙂


All you will need are the following items:

– An old barf or bucket (alternatively you could use an old tyre)

– Garden soil with fertilizer

– Some pebbles, stones, shells, old branches or pieces of wood that you find in the backyard (these will be used for decorating your garden space)

– Your favourite plant or flower stem

– Any charms or collectables that you have saved over the years that you think could add some magic to your garden


Take the soil and empty it into the barf/ bucket or tyre. Make sure to spread out the soil evenly. The barf/bucket or tyre should be filled up 3/4 way to the top so that the 1/4 space remaining can be used to decorate your garden.

Dig a hole into the soil about 5-10 cm and loosen the roots of your plant or flower stem. Place the plant or flower stem inside and cover with soil so that the roots are covered. Remember you are not restricted to one plant, you can plant as many as you would like, the magical garden should look overcrowded and natural and the best way to get that feel is to occupy all the space given to you.

After you feel comfortable with all your planting, then you can start the fun part. the decorating. You can use the pebbles and stones to create a pathway or a design on the floor of your garden and you use the pieces of wood to make a fence around your plants or flowers. This is the part where you can get creative, so let the inner gardener in you uproot 🙂

Let us know how your projects come out, comment below.

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