Some Healthy Snacks just for you

Some Healthy Snacks just for you

This post is dedicated to all the mums and dads out there that struggle with finding healthy snacks to give the kids. Now it’s important to remember that these are just suggestions that we got from the amazing SharonBeMakin Stuff channel on YouTube¬†and you are more than welcome to twist and change the recipes to suit your budget and your taste buds.

With the holidays drawing closer, we know that its a concern for parents who will have to stock the cupboards up with lots of food and drinks for the ever hungry children that will be hovering the kitchen more than usual. So we suggest these healthy snacks, they can be prepared in advance and it won’t leave them bouncing off the walls, more like happy but filled with nutritious goodness. You don’t have to use this only for the kids, you can reinvent them to suit your lunch box too.

Enjoy and please do let us know what healthy snack recipes you use in your home. If you want you can share this video with your friends, just click on the icon below.

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