A gift is a gift is a gift, right? Choosing the right gift for your loved one…

We are quickly approaching the 3 month mark for the most expensive holiday in the year, Christmas. A time when giving is said to be the highlight of living. This however doesn’t take into regard the numerous other commemorative events that occupy your year. With first met anniversaries, first kiss anniversaries, marriage anniversaries and not forgetting birthdays, choosing a gift is always written with a permanent marker on the ‘Things to Do’ list. Getting your partner the right gift is a daunting task, but the even more daunting task is picturing the unsatisfied look on their faces when they are speaking with their friends or work colleagues. Is this the case or are you the partner that always leaves gifting to the last minute and therefore there is never a thought process put into the act? Let’s just set the record straight, stereotypes have been chucked out the door, completely left the building, most definitely gone with the wind in this article, so there is no room for judgment or dismay when it comes to the battle of the sexes or more importantly the battle of the gift. Gifts are known as items that are given to someone willingly, without any premise of reciprocation or payment. But determining whether or not they are treasured or hated, well now that depends on how well you know your better half. Case on point: a group of ladies are chatting in an office building somewhere in central town. The topic of their teatime talk – pressies that their men have gifted them that are collecting dust somewhere or worse yet have been exchanged for something else and even passed onto a friend in some cases. Now before you call your partner and interrogate them about when last they used that “I’m with her” T-shirt, take a minute to breathe and read because we think that we could help ease the situation. When buying a gift for your better half, it is important to consider the following things:

  1. What is the occasion? The occasion will assist you in determining the nature and the sentimentality of the gift. So for instance, if it’s a one year anniversary, you should keep it simple yet meaningful.
  2. Ask them what they would like; this is the best thing to do as it saves you the horror of getting something they don’t like. If they say they don’t want anything, then think of an inside joke or conversation that was shared between you two and try to create something that would be remind your partner of this special experience. Maybe it is a movie scene that they love; perhaps you could recreate this…
  3. Think about their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, use their friends as an information source, sometimes they have the ‘I would love to have a…’ conversation with friends/family unconsciously.
  4. Sometimes gift vouchers are the best thing, especially if you feel your partner would appreciate going out and choosing something by themselves. This also works if you know your partner has everything they wanted (hoofs up to you for being attentive).

In the end putting some thought into a gift will not only make you the most desired partner in the relationship, it will also make you the main topic of discussion in the office and beyond…Tea time will never be the same again. Get your skills in order for the next celebration and make sure to share the results with us. Happy gifting from the GoRhino team!

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