Spring on the savings…

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Spring has arrived and with it comes a general happiness; it is the season where you find yourself wanting to enjoy things like the fresh blossoming of flora and where your lungs give off light giggles of joy when smelling freshly cut grass, the time where fishing fanatics take out their rods and head out to the beach and children abandon the indoors for the bright outdoors. Well, we would hope this is still the general consensus when experiencing ‘Spring’.

All things said, we want to share in the blooming and what better way than to shop it out. Retail therapy is said to be therapeutic and even better than that, it can have amazing after effects if you save while you shop. The biggest concern on many shoppers’ minds when shopping on a budget has to be,

  • Being caught in public wearing the same item of clothing as others; and
  • Choosing an item that doesn’t say spell “bargain” all over it

…(these two merge in some way).

So we have decided to share some top things to consider when shopping on a budget. Remember it shouldn’t be about how much the item cost, it should be about how you wear it! Developing a style and pulling a look off is all about reflecting your personality and showing a sense of individuality to the outside world (the people that don’t know you). Whether you are fashioning a floral sweater, a polka dot coat or bright blue pants, it’s all about YOU, the person springing the outfit together.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe

Here are some of the top tips to springing your outfit on a budget:

  • Visit your closet and raid your parents closet– there could be items that are lingering on a hanger waiting to be fashioned by you.
  • Check out factory stores – nowadays there are groups on social media where shoppers share their experiences with factory outlets and what you can and cannot get. This is an awesome way of finding deals and the best part is that many things from factory outlets are authentic so you would be styling an original (just in case you are brand-ie person).
  • If this shopping on a budget is going to work for you, go out with a list of what you are looking for, if you have an idea or know what you want then it will be easier to refuse the countless attempts made by the very convincing sales person.
  • Visit flea markets, you’ll be amazed at what great finds you may get and the best part is that most of the time they don’t have many of the same items.
  • If it’s accessories you are looking for, so many people are starting up their own small businesses – jewellery making is on the top of that list. Again look to social media groups and you could find someone who makes specially made once off items that only you have. (This is also a good idea for gifts).
  • Look at online stores, there’s a common misconception that when you buy things online, they always seem to cost more, but this is not always the case. Many online stores charge a minimal fee for delivery and they deliver to your door most of the time so it could actually save you on the transport cost.

Well that’s all folks! Get to springing your style this #spring and save…Let’s face it, we all love saving. Happy Spring from all our GoRhinos!

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