GoRhino's Unisex Summer Look

Let’s be honest, even though it’s officially Summer, this weather is all over the place and you never know just what to wear. So, we’ve put together a unisex Summer look that will have you looking seasonal and have you equipped for anything the weatherman throws at you this Summer.

The Pandora Hat

Keeps you in the shade on the sunny beach days

men2 women2

Large frame sunglasses

Eye protection is important, and fashionable

men4 women4

A knit sweater

Keeps you warm enough for the breezy evenings but lightweight enough to hold out the humidity.

men5 women5

Linen jacket

Smart and Summery if you’ll be working through the holiday period.

men3 women3

Summer shorts

Because it still is Summer people!

men6 women6

Boat shoes

Comfy both at the beach and out in the Summer rain.

men1 women1

As you know, we’re all about the best deals around so any unisex items you can share with him or her are a good buy! And that’s how you get your Summer look to last all season long. Enjoy!

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