The "Meantime" List

Since the 2007 movie starring Morgan Freeman, the Bucket List concept has become a worldwide phenomenon. Essentially a bucket list comprises of things a person would like to do, have or experience before they die. Most often the items on these lists are dreams far from realization, once in a lifetime experiences, things that seem out of reach or even impossible to achieve.

One of the most common reasons to put something on a bucket list is immediate affordability. Most extraordinary life experiences like international travel or becoming a pro athlete require huge financial commitments, so we pledge them to the future. “After I pay off my student loan, after I put aside my wedding budget, after the kids graduate”. Bucket list dreams sadly hardly ever make it past the dream stage. Some would say that the thing that makes a Bucket List fun and exciting in the first place is that it’s never completed.

Even if it isn’t likely that you’ll tick off all the things on your official Bucket List, don’t throw it out just yet. In an effort to embrace the dream big, start small outlook, we’ve narrowed down the three most popular Bucket List items and made a mini-list for the meantime that you could tick off right away and get the same feeling of accomplishment that those two old guys did in the movie.

1. Learn to Paint:

Developing an artistic skill is a common Bucket List wish. Many people vow to learn to play the guitar or to pursue a passion for performing arts. These dreams require quite long term commitments so we suggest that in the meantime you buy some fancy water colours and try your hand at painting. A good way to express yourself creatively and naturally in your spare time.

2. Get a Puppy:

Another typical Bucket List wish is to find “true love” or meaningful companionship. This could prove to be a cumbersome process and may take some of people forever. We suggest in the meantime, while waiting for Mr/ Mrs Right to come along, rather commit to a pet which will warm your heart with pure and unconditional love!

3. Drive around town:

Another popular Bucket List wish is definitely travel. International travel is a costly affair that requires lots of advance planning. Getting to see the world certainly isn’t an un-attainable wish but in the meantime we suggest you spend a fraction of the cost touring your local holiday destinations. You would be surprised how much we actually miss on our own doorstep.

These are just three meantime solutions to help you enjoy the ride while you plan how to take on your big time Bucket List. With a GoRhino Loyalty Card, you save bucks everyday that you can use towards your Bucket List fund. We simply love helping you live a better life for less!

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