Happy National Boss Day 2014!

Happy National Boss Day 2014!

Did you ever wonder why is it that there is a calendar date set aside for bosses and not for employees? Well if we all want to have our jobs by tomorrow we should say: “It’s because we have such awesome bosses that we have dedicated time to celebrate their good standing in our lives!” (Laugh it out!) On a more serious note though, bosses have transcended in their title over the years where they are more about ‘being a good leader’ appose to ‘being a good boss’.

“CNNMoney asked readers to weigh in on what they think characterizes the best bosses. Three traits came up again and again in their comments.”

  • Respect and appreciate their employees
    1. It makes us think of that common saying: ‘when you give respect, you get respect’. Readers said that “bosses who say thank you and who publicly give credit where it’s due, who welcome input and feedback and who recognize that employees are humans and not just resources are what makes a good boss”.
  • Create trust and support
    1. Great bosses are said to be full of ethics and justified in their practice as bosses, they trust their employees to do their jobs and have faith in their teams, and most importantly they encourage your success and are always approachable.
  • Give employees the backing and resources to do their jobs
  1. It’s said to be all about providing guidance that is clear and efficient, coaching employees and moulding and mentoring them to be better versions of themselves; at the same time allowing them to learn about ownership and integrity and self development. When something goes wrong, “great bosses assess what happened and help you fix the situation rather than assign blame.”

We think that these readers hit the nail on the head with these traits, but we also have to consider in celebrating this special day, the stress and the sanctity that goes with not just being a good boss but being a boss in general. At the end of the day, bosses are human too, they get overwhelmed and stressed out and have bad days too. We think that the main aim for a better work environment and in celebrating this National Boss Day would be to try to become a better version of you as an employee and see how that works out in the relationship with your boss, because ultimately all bosses are technically employees too…So in honour of all bosses good and not so good, Happy National Bosses Day 2014 from all of us at GoRhino! Let’s aim to be the best we can be.

Thanks to CNN.com for the great information.

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