MATRICULANTS we care about you…Study tips that make sense

MATRICULANTS we care about you…Study tips that make sense

When it comes to doing homework, studying or all things disciplined, very rarely would one find a student that is overly strict and prompt with following a study schedule. Although we all can admit that the word “procrastinate” is a popular ‘doing word’ in the life of a student. But being a procrastinator never helped anyone reach their dreams or achieve success in their lives. So we would like to dedicate this week’s blog to our Matriculants, we want to equip them with the best possible advice in owning their examinations. With only approximately 20 days left till their final exam, time is truly of the essence and as usual we never have enough of it. If we could all master the art of time management from an early age then imagine how wonderful this world would run… Now let’s get to time management 101 and not beat around the bush any longer. We have identified the top tips to apply and practice during your career of studying:

Your study style: If you have a method that you have been using over your studying years then stick to it! If you enjoy talking out loud or using mind maps or group study sessions or even listening to music then stick to it, these methods are tools that help your mind absorb and if they have been working this long then their apart of your style.

Your location: Make sure to choose a location that keeps you concentrating and comfortable, for instance if you find that studying on your bed makes you sleepy, stay away from your bed! Go to a desk or to the dining table or to the library and tailor your location to suit your style.

Your diet: So often caffeinated drinks and junk food are sought out during study time. These unhealthy food items will not enhance a positive level of productivity. You need to look at keeping hydrated with water and healthy snacks (for example: carrot sticks, apples, oranges, avocados, etc.). Take time to prepare healthy snacks, it will assist you in the long run.

Your brain needs a break: Schedule breaks so that your brain works to your benefit. If you over exert yourself you will not absorb the information you need to and your studying time will go to waste. Remember you want to work smart not hard and if you use your time efficiently you will have that pleasure.

Your need to be human: If you do not understand something then ask for help! It is perfectly acceptable to seek help from friends, teachers, tutors, past papers, etc. Make an effort to ask if you find yourself confused or at a block, no one ever got hurt by asking a question (that we know of). Well that’s what we’ve summed up! Make sure to stay positive, a positive mind is an achieving mind.

From everyone at GoRhino we would like to wish all our Matriculants the best of luck and preparation for their final exam!

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