“The Live In Levi's Project”…A legendary pair of jeans

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“The Live In Levi’s Project”…A legendary pair of jeans

If you had to think back to a brand that exploded into the market, what comes to mind? Here’s us trying to plant a seed in your mind, think ‘denim’, ‘jeans’, ‘funky’, ‘exclusive’…Well if you are thinking “Levi’s” then you are on the track we want you to be. The brand was conceptualised in 1853 by Levi Strauss when he came to San Francisco from Bavaria. It would be nice to think that he was so ‘all knowing’ that he knew what his brand was going to accomplish when he founded it. Let’s be real – It’s not easy to create that feeling of wanting and needing to own a pair of Levi’s and to infuse the status and pride that goes along with owning and wearing a pair. This comes from the good quality of the product and well years and years of good advertising and marketing. So let’s just say it out loud Hoofs up to Mr Levi Strauss and his amazing team!

Now getting on to the specifics, when one thinks of a brand they attach memories and feelings to that brand, whether good, bad or ugly, brands create impressions and they ignite emotions throughout their lifespan. Levi’s has been a well known brand that still holds authority in the jeans/denim market but with other brands erupting like mushrooms in a lightning storm, it’s safe to say that it’s not as easy as it was 20 years ago. This is why “The Live in Levi’s Project” is such a wonderful idea…

“It’s been said that the best thing about denim is that it gets better with age…To celebrate this marvel, the blue jeans originator Levi’s have launched a global campaign dedicated to the stories and styles of people who wear Levi’s today…the digital platform blends storytelling with social media and invites Levi’s enthusiasts to interact with product online via photo submissions through social media channels.”

This project speaks to the Levi’s customers in a new way, a transcendent way that accentuates the relationship between the Levi’s wearer and the Levi’s creator. The best part is that by documenting their passion for this brand on a digital platform it allows the Levi’s wearer to communicate globally and also to be remembered in the Levi’s history. We wanted to highlight this story between Levi’s and their customers because we think that the bond between you and any brand sometimes gets too little value in the world of consumerism. It takes us to that famous saying: “The customer is always right.” No matter how true those words are, it always seems so cold and patronising. We want to learn from brands like Levi’s in making a mark on our customers, on caring enough about what they have to say, by making sure they know who we are and how we operate. In all frankness, if we are exchanging money and services, then it’s only respectfully right to get to know each other on a personal note. So from all of us at the GoRhino team here’s to dedicated brands and awesome customers, where would we all be without each other!

 Thanks to Samuel Trotman for the information.

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