What’s hoofing with the Naked Cyclist (The Rhino Guy)…Steve Newman

What’s hoofing with the Naked Cyclist (The Rhino Guy)…Steve Newman

We recently challenged you to #ShareTheRhinopiness #ShareTheLove in aid of our Rhinos and to highlight the plight that this amazing wild animal is facing. With September 2014 hosting World Rhino Day, The Ride the Rhino Race and the World Youth Rhino Summit, we thought it would be a great initiative to show support so we the challenge was for you to share your photos with us showing how you share the love.

One man who is constantly sharing the love for our rhinos has got to be Steve Newman, also known as the ‘Naked Cyclist’ and previously the ‘Naked Skydiver’. Steve Newman is an avid rhino advocate providing support and creating awareness about rhino poaching, he participates in several fund raising events for rhino conservation and the best part is that he is so humble about it all. We caught up with him and wanted to know a little bit more about the man behind the horn (no pun intended). He definitely shared the love this past month so we decided to share the love for great people so here’s our short and sweet interview the Naked Cyclist himself, Steve Newman!

1. Our first question has got to be: how does your family feel about your extreme and very candid approach to raising awareness about Rhino poaching?

“I have to say that my parents are very proud of my efforts thus far and have always been super supportive.”

2. Some call your methods unorthodox and offensive, how did you become the naked cyclist?

“Some may say unorthodox but I haven’t really heard anyone saying offensive 😉 It all started out from a skydiving campaign called “Skydive4Rhinos” I said I if would raise more than 10k I would jump naked, which I did, we then made a Youtube clip which made a TV show in the States and then everything exploded from there!”

3. How many events have you taken part in since you started your advocacy for our rhinos?

“Hmmmm…..I have done so many it’s hard to keep count. But the Big ones are Skydiving, the Cape Cycle tour, 2Oceans Marathon, Rocking the Daisies, Ride the Rhino.”

4. We are sure everyone wants to know the answer to this question…Is there a Miss. Naked Cyclist?

“For a long time there wasn’t, but there most definitely is a Miss Rhino now 😉 #LuckyBoy”

5. What or who inspires you in this day and age?

“There are so many selfless people in this world and I wish I could be more like them. One of my biggest driving forces is when I can see I have positively affected someone/something and their happiness makes me Happy and pushes me to do more. If everyone just did a little bit more and was just a little nicer the whole world would be a better place!”

6. If you had to describe yourself in one word what would it be?


7. Any upcoming events or strategies of sharing the love on your calendar?

“I just completed Ride the Rhino this past weekend, I have the Impi challenge coming up. However if you would like someone to challenge me to do something I will gladly accept any challenge ;)”

8. Describe a typical day in the life of Just Steve Newman.

“Full of smiles, Super high energy and no day is ever the same. Always make the most of it!”

9. What was your best childhood memory?

“When my sister was born on my Mum’s Birthday (which was yesterday)”

10. If you were president and had to change one thing about our country, what would it be?

“Stop Corruption. So many issues would get sorted out from Rhinos to politics. Our country would be a totally different place if that was achieved!”

We would like to thank Steve Newman for his candid nature, his amazing efforts in sharing the love continuously and for allowing us to share in the love for people and our rhino-tastic rhinos!

Much love,

The GoRhino Team

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