Savvy ways to save on your beauty bill

Savvy ways to save on your beauty bill

There’s nothing new about associating beauty with pain, but we all know that that was meant in the physical sense not the financial cents (sense). Our sometimes very pricey beauty regimes don’t add value to our lives but rather remove value from our wallets. Yes, it’s all gracious when someone compliments you on your radiating skin but what about the hunger pains – does it equate to something.

Let’s avoid those hunger pains and still keep you radiating. We feel that treating your skin to the best should not have to be a compromising situation. Follow some of the handy tips below and perhaps staying beautifully radiant could be a guilt free pleasure

  • Get savvy by making your beauty products multi task for you. Double or triple up with beauty products, for instance, get cheek stains that also includes a lip gloss or foundations that have built in SPF protection and moisturizer.
  • Take advantage of hair and beauty institutes, the students perform trials and most of the time it is at a fraction of salon costs (sometimes it’s done for free!).
  • Use online deal services that offer limited time deal offers for hair and beauty products and treatments.
  • Become a fan. Like, follow and sign up to your favourite brands online services. Often brands have regular giveaways, discounted coupons and specialised offers just for their fans/supporters.
  • Buy in bulk, if you share beauty products (creams, makeup, etc.) with your sister/friend or roommate then buy in bulk. This way you can save on the trip to the store and you pay a lesser rate by splitting the costs.
  • Shop around – this is a general rule of thumb for shoppers, don’t just settle for your desired product at the first store you visit, shop around! Sometimes, there are sales at boutique stores whereas the bigger retailers have the same product at the normal price.
  • Check to see if your beauty brand offers a rewards recycling option. Sometimes they offer a recycle program where you bring in the finished product packaging and you receive a discount or a complimentary exchange.
  • Look into using generic versions of your product, get the proper advice you need and save on the brand name that you ultimately paying for.

Saving on your beauty bill can be unattainable to many especially with the expensive name brands and inflation of beauty products, but following some of these tips will assist you in getting a double point reward – getting the beautiful skin you desire and the bulky wallet that makes you smile.

What is your beauty brand and how much do you spend a month on beauty products? Conduct an experiment, take note of your budget for beauty products and follow these tips and see if it makes a difference in your savings account.

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