Weight loss on a budget

Weight loss on a budget

We live in a society that is obsessed with body image and attaining the ideal weight. Some do it because they want to fit in and others do it because they genuinely want to be healthy. “Last December, researchers at Harvard published a paper scientifically examining a complaint common among conscientious eaters – that healthy food is more expensive than junk.” (Victoria Bekiempis, Newsweek.com).

It’s like we are sitting on a see-saw and we don’t know which side to get off. On one side we are encouraged by physicians and health experts to follow a healthy diet and on the other side we are being screamed at by our decreasing bank balance which feels the pinch of healthy foods. How do you find a balance between the two?

We want to help you find the balance, so we have gathered some key tips in trying to achieve this very important, very relevant balancing act.

Protein is not just an amazing source of goodness for body it is also one of the most expensive sources. Try to mix things up with your source of protein, red meat and fish and chicken are not the only sources of protein.

  • Try vegetarian products, the range of soya that is now available is endless and the best part is that chefs have mastered new and unique ways of preparing these dishes so they don’t taste like cardboard but rather are filled with flavour.
  • If you are cooking meat, add in some supporting cast ingredients like kidney beans or lentils, etc. this way you are able to make the meat dish go further.
  • Shift from fresh fish to frozen fish or tinned fish (in water not oil – this is healthier) – the way you prepare the fish is what matters so get creative.

Fruits and Vegetables always feature as top selectors in eating healthy but sometimes they reach sky high prices for small portions.

  • Try buying your fruit and vegetables in bulk from a fresh produce market, this way you save on the mark up.
  • Use your green fingers to plant your own fruits and veggies, this is an extremely economical way of saving but also helps the environment.
  • Try out frozen vegetables, they are usually frozen fresh and are generally cheaper than fresh produce, plus they have lengthier lifespan.

Get milky with it. Milk is a rich source of calcium but sometimes it is neglected due to its luxury status.

  • Buy sachet milk, it’s cheaper and it tastes just as good.
  • Buy the large tub of yoghurt or drinking yoghurt, this way you have something that lasts longer and is better value for your rand.
  • Try to buy low fat dairy products so that you are able to stay within your healthy goal. We know fat free products are generally more expensive so stick to low fat, unless you are consuming an abnormal amount of dairy this will not make a huge difference in eating healthy.

Cereals don’t have to be killers and dent your wallet. Fibre should be your friend.

  • Unrefined whole grains are the way to go, refining makes the products more expensive and strips the food from fibre, vitamins and minerals. A good example is brown bread; it’s cheaper and better for you.
  • Cereals that can be cooked (oats and maize meal) are often cheaper than instant cereals, but you can find a balance here, if you are saving with bulk instant cereals and you enjoy them more then go for the choice that makes you happy because as the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The truth is that finding a balance in life is never easy, so rising up to the challenge is what distinguishes a driven person from a lazy person. Make eating healthy a fun and exciting adventure for you and your family instead of a dreaded and expensive one, so that you can live a better and hopefully longer life.

Thanks to Health24.com for the enlightening information.

Do you have any secret healthy recipes to share with us? If you do we would love to hear them, simply let us know by writing a review below.

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