Share The Love this Rhino Month

Share the love this rhino month. Doing something good always exudes a sense of inner happiness, it is something that is not consciously sought after but when it happens it just feels right; it’s like when you were a kid and you would share your lunch with your friend, you didn’t seek praise or acknowledgement, all you wanted to do was share your lunch with your friend. There’s this sense of fulfilment when you do something selflessly and expect nothing in return, there’s also this feeling of respect and awe when you come across someone who is so humble when sharing. These are qualities that are rare and far beyond. Sharing holds a special kind of sentimentality in our hearts and makes us want to strive to be better humans. Everyone has something that they hold especially close to their hearts.

At GoRhino we hold rhinos and people close to our heart and since it’s Rhino month and we have the World Youth Rhino Summit from the 21st-23rd of September, we have decided to take the challenge of sharing the love. The #ShareTheRhinopiness #ShareTheLove challenge is all about encouraging people to share their love this month and help save a rhino. In case you were wondering, “rhinopiness” is a just fun way of looking at making the rhinos happy (rhino+happiness=rhinopiness). We want people to share the love with us so we have challenged everyone to take a photo depicting a sharing the love scenario, it could be anything really (keep it clean) that shows their love for family, animals, friends, etc. After they have accepted the challenge, we encourage them to challenge their friends to share the love too. They need to post to our Twitter page with our handle @GoRhinoSA and as we come closer to the end of the month we will do a mystery prize giveaway to the best act of love shared. The main part of the challenge is to help save a rhino, so we want our tweeters to go to and help save a rhino. This way we can make a difference in the conservation efforts towards a very treasured part of our wildlife – The Rhino and we can help with other wildlife crime.

A little bit about the World Youth Rhino Summit – this is a world-wide call to action by the youth against rhino poaching and all other forms of wildlife crime. “The mission is to engage youth conservation leaders in rhino/wildlife conservation & protection strategies and empower delegates to become Ambassadors for wildlife & conservation.” The importance of the mission is integral if we are to make a difference in helping save our rhinos. “Demand for rhino horn particularly in China and Vietnam has risen over the past four years, where it is seen as a status symbol for the aspirational middle-classes and newly wealthy citizens of these countries, whose economies continue to grow.  This, combined with traditional beliefs in its non-existent medicinal properties, has made rhino horn one of the most expensive commodities in the world, outstripping gold, platinum and even cocaine in value.” Enough said. Let’s make this month a happy month, let’s change the sadness into positivity and let’s Share the love. #ShareTheRhinopiness #ShareTheLove this Rhino month with GoRhino and you could help save a rhino and you could WIN…Thank you in advance from all of us at the GoRhino Team for all your sharing and remember if you have the ability to share the love then share it! Thanks to the World Youth Rhino Summit for the information. Check out more information on how to here

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