Valentines Day the GoRhino Way!

Let’s be honest, Valentines Day is more to treat the ladies than the guys. It’s his chance to show her that he really is the romantic charmer he brags about being in high school. As much as we love helping the ladies get spoiled we also love helping our guys stay out of hot water so here are some foolproof Valentines Day ideas to help you spoil her in style and save your self proclaimed rep as a Casanova.

For the girl you’ve just started dating

A romantic dinner is just enough to make a statement and not go overboard. Buying a gift adds the unnecessary pressure of wondering whether or not she has gotten you anything and how much she’s spent on you. You wouldn’t want to show up with a gold necklace and make her feel awful that all she’s gotten you is a card. A dinner date for two at a romantic restaurant is the safest bet! If you’re smitten and feel something special brewing, show up with some red roses and chocolate to show her she’s special. If she does end up being the one, this first Valentines is the one she’ll always remember.

For the married couple

If your wife does most of the cooking, it would be a great idea to serve her for the night. If you’re not a whiz in the kitchen you can get a chef or a caterer for the evening to prepare a delicious meal and serve you both so she has the night off to relax. If you have kids and nowhere to leave them, family night can be sweet and romatic too. Rent a good family movie and get the kids to present your gift… the best jewellery you can afford. If you do have the night free and would rather go out, going to a theatre performance or a comedy show would be a great way to have fun together and enjoy each other’s company.

For the long term relationship

A couple’s spa day or a picnic in the park will be fun and romantic for you both. Relaxing together and enjoying quality time will be a great way to spend the day. If you’re working during the day, plan a candlelight picnic under the stars and send flowers with a romantic card during the day as a teaser for the evening. The extra thought you put into it will be appreciated, try and get a romantic spot with a nice view and some of her favorite food and drinks. You can plan a weekend away and present the booking confirmation to her as a gift.

For the one you want to marry

You’ve got a few weeks to plan the proposal of her dreams, just do it already! Valentines proposals are super romantic and unless you’re an awful guy, getting a “YES” is in the bag. Get it on video and have some friends on standby to congratulate you and make it a night you’ll both never forget. The trick with a Valentines proposal is to go all out! It’s the most romantic day of the year so everyone’s going to be putting on their A-Game and you’ll have to top every one of her friends’ dreamy Valentines stories…Congratulations from us at GoRhino!

We hope these ideas buy you another year of relationship bliss!

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