5 Things to Bring you Everyday Joy

The season of excitement and extreme joy is upon us. However, we get that some of you might not quite be in the spirit of cheer just yet. If the carol singing and crazy holiday sales are making you feel less cheery and more “bah humbug”, here are five ordinary and non-holiday related things you can do to bring joy into your life and get in the festive mood!

1. Play with kids

Borrowed or your own, kids bring joy that can come only from the perfect blend of ignorance and innocence. Whether you join in on a playground game, sit in on an imaginary tea party or get in on a quick conversation about the meaning of life, playing and spending time with kids can add a refreshing perspective and instant joy to your life.

2. Help someone

As much as some people try their hardest to prove otherwise, nobody is naturally selfish. We all have a deep urge to be needed and to add value to someone elses life. Even if you haven’t come across anyone that seemed worth the effort in a long time, lending a hand to a grateful stranger will almost always lift your spirits and fulfill a sense of purpose in your life. There are lots of people in need at this time of year, so no matter how big or small your gesture, helping someone will bring you and others great joy.

3. Dress up for yourself

Your busy schedule may not give you that many occasions to get dressed up the way you like to. For a full time mom or a busy entrepreneur, dressing up is hardly ever an enjoyable experience as you’re never doing it for yourself and at your leisure. Take a moment to pick out your best outfit, match it with the perfect shoes or accessories, spend extra time fixing your hair or make-up and give yourself a smile in the mirror. There is always joy in looking and feeling good about yourself.

4. Play music loudly

Your own taste in music can be extremely theraputic and stimulate a carefree part of you that may have been dormant for quite a long time. Play a track that you love and turn up the volume till it fills the space you’re in. Sing along if you know the words and if you feel like dancing, go for it! Music that you can relate to brings sweet memories and joy to your entire body.

5. Teach something

Everyone has a skill, be it creative, intellectual or practical. Teach someone how to cook your signature dish, share some good fashion advice or give a driving lesson to a younger sibling. Sharing your talents will make you feel good about yourself and the fact that you’ve enriched someone else. This is a sure way to bring extraordinary joy into your ordinary life.

There’s so much about our daily lives that we can draw joy from if we just look around at the simple stuff like children, pets, nature and relationships. We hope these few suggestions will urge you to get excited and not be left out of the festive cheer this season. After all, even if you’ve been having a downer of a year, ‘tis the season to be jolly, with family and friends and loads of stuff to be grateful for.  Happy holidays!

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