Asking a stranger for food – the basic principle of being human

Asking a stranger for food – the basic principle of being human

We sometimes become so involved in our everyday lives that we forget how to relate to our fellow humans. Is it so hard for us to remember the very rarely accentuated trait of sharing. We think that sometimes we need a reminder, wake up call that is constant and that defines our role in the bigger picture. We watched this video this morning and really felt that it was worthy of sharing the principle of sharing. Don’t allow your path in life to over consume you to the point that you forget how to treat your fellow humans, yes, sometimes it’s difficult to tell who is real and who isn’t but that’s part of the journey of life, so take a step in this fulfilling journey.

It is at this time of year that many people don’t have a home to go to, they don’t have a meal at any time of the day and they don’t have the love and care that so many of us take for granted. By no means are we saying that only think of this principle of sharing at this time of year – during Christmas time – but think of this as a change you want to implement in your life full stop.

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